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Why was the bill “H.R.3438 – Access to Insurance for all Americans Act” not good enough for democrats?

The proposed bill:

The current Health Care Plan for government employees:
This is still on the table for Obama and democrats. Not too late.

Does it address the actual root of the problem? Which is that medical services cost too much? If not, then it’s not good enough for me. Nor is 3200, for the same reason.

The root of the problem is not that some Americans are uninsured. Nor is the root of the problem that insurance costs too much. The root of the problem is that medical services cost too much. Everyone feels entitled to the best medical care, but no one individual can afford to pay for it. Insurance spreads the cost around though, to avoid burdening any one individual with a huge bill. This seems nice, but it allows costs to balloon. And they have. Which is why even insurance has become too expensive.

The only way to fix the problem is to make medical services cheaper. The only way to make them cheaper is to make the consumer/patient/client pay 100% for his own services. If the patient pays cash (no insurance whatsoever), then the overly expensive procedures will not be performed until someone discovers a cheap way to perform them. Doctors and medical technologists will then have a huge incentive to develop cheap technologies, because that’s the only way they’ll get paid. Individuals will have an incentive to stay healthy, because if they neglect their health, they will face the same natural consequences that any other organism in the cosmos would face.

The only thing that will drive costs down is by making people responsible for paying for their own health care services. Period. It’s a harsh pill to swallow, but that’s reality. That’s life. All organisms get sick and die.

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