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Does anyone have any advice on finding a job that allows me to work from home?

I have a 2 year old son that I stay home with during the day. I do work at night because I provide the health benefits for my family. I work 4 nights a week from 11pm until 730 am. I stay up all day with my son. I am basically getting no sleep. I average 2-4 hours of sleep a day. I am always tired and I dred leaving when my family is going to sleep. My husbands job does not offer benefits, and I do not want to give up being home with my son. Daycare is to expensive and I feel that no one can take care of my son like I do. I would like to work from home for a company that offers benefits. I do not need to make 75,000 a year. I just need a good benefit package. If anyone knows of any companies that are looking for home based employee’s and that are not scams, please help me.

This website offers work from home. They also have a links page with more info and other programs. You can also add your own links.

Some free and some have a small fee.

Biz Tips: Best Practices for Creating Employee Benefits Plans

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