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Average cost of giving birth in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada (No Insurance)?

Trying to do a school project comparing the health care systems of Canada, the US, and several European countries (Sweden, UK, and Germany). My group mates assigned me the task of trying to find out average delivery / cpn (cost-per-night) rates for deliveries of various difficulties (VBAC, vaginal, caesarian, induced, etc.).

I’ve tried phoning around to several hospitals / clinics in the area, who won’t disclose even average costs (which I find funny, since a statistical average says nothing about individuals in the group) and looking online (I’ve found numbers ranging from $700 to $6,000, which more or less amounts to being useless data).

So, I figured I’d turn here and see if someone (perhaps from experience?) can give me a general idea. It doesn’t have to be extremely specific, it isn’t like this is a thesis-level project.

Thanks in advance.

I live in calgary alberta, and when i had my son didn’t have to pay a thing. In canada you don’t pay to see the doctor, you only pay for medications or “extras” if that makes sense, some clinics charge for dr’s notes or what not. but you don’t pay to see the dr. after i had my son I stayed in a private room and that is suppose to cost 40 dollars a night, but because they had no other rooms open i didn’t have to pay for it. So to give birth in canada ( doesn’t matter where) you don’t pay anything ( unless your from out of the country ) but if you want a private room its around 40 dollars a night and usually you stay one or two nights. good luck on your project!

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