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immigrant rebuttles?? please help, points..?

·IMMIGRANTS WILL RESULT IN -Greater poverty Because immigrants occupy low income employment, their wages are low and they are more affected by downturns in the economy. In comparison to natives, they tend not to have Health Insurance and need to resort to public assistance more often.

·More educational costs Immigrant children and the children of immigrants account for a disproportionate amount of public education costs than do natives due to the greater birth rate for Hispanics and need for more intensive instruction. Immigrants have significantly lower educational attainment than do natives.

·Lower unskilled wage levels Even studies that suggest that immigrants generate an overall increase in wage levels, acknowledge that they negatively impact wages in the low skill occupation sectors that they occupy.

1) They are victims of poverty because they are unable to work for a decent wage as the employers take advantage of their illegal status and need to work. As the workers make more money, they will spend more, come out of the shadows in buying homes, cars and creating supply and demand to increase our economic position.

2) Once able to be “on the books” and represented in the state as citizens, the state receives more money from the fed gov for education, health care etc. The tax base will increase as all workers will pay taxes on the wages they earn “on the books”.

3) The occupations that are primarily filled by immigrants are not low skilled. They are highly skilled, just possibly need less formal education. Painting, landscaping, construction, woodworking, farming is a skill, just not one that is learned in a college classroom. As illegal workers become legal, their ability to access the college systems and formal education will increase, thus creating more competition within the workplace and creating “the best man for the job” mentality.

As for the other’s response

4) Once someone is legal, they will have access to our health care system, insurance and will not carry any “disease”. I work in a hospital. US diseases come from the US, not other countries. Once the immigration policy is revised, those coming into the country will be subject to health exams to identify any illness.

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September 13th, 2011 at 2:21 am

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